Connaught Cup Repair

This page shows some of the interim repair shots for the Connaught Cup,the RCMP's shooting cup which dates to 1903, which a team of Lewton-Brain, Carl-Eric Lindgren and Joan Irvin extended, replaced over 20 shields, engraved and repaired for the RCMP. Contact us if you are interested in having major works in silver or gold designed, created or repaired.

Lewton-Brain has a number of pieces of state silver he has made or worked on including the Technical University of Nova Scotia Mace, a chalice for the Pope''s 1984 visit to Canada, The Grey Cup duplication (as project advisor, tool-maker, mentor) and Alberta's Black Rod. More Black Rod information.

Here is a picture of Joan Irvin sawing the 16 gauge steel pancake die that will cut out the shields for the cup. This is called and RT blanking die.

Here the die is inserted into a hydraulic press to cut out the metal sheet.

Here you can see the tongue of the die having just cut out a silver shield shape.

Joan is pumping the press to cut out the silver blank.
The picture to the right is before the replacement shields are finished and attached.

Here is what the cup looked like after the new bottom was added.

A picture of the base, locked into its travelling case by a cross brace.

The traveling protective case was lined with foam and stretch velvet before the project was done.

Details are on the right.

Here are pictures of the cup in its final stages, dents being removed from the lid.

The lid was cracked along a thin seam, and this was laser welded, courtesy of Jewels By Design in Calgary.

Here are images of the cup at the end, prior to packing and shipping. It was matched and extended by several turned layers, numerous shields remade in silver and engraved, and the top refurbished and dents removed. It was slightly straightened, and then the traveling case completed.

Below left are some details.

Below right is a picture of the top of the Black Rod made by Lewton-Brain.


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