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Here are a set of links for chasing and repousse information of interest.
Chasing is one of my favorite things to do in Metal. Email me with link suggestions Last updated Dec 12, 2016

My trip to Thailand in 2008 where I visited a Master Chaser

Some Written Resources
Lost Books: Chasing and Repoussé CD $42.00

Unexpected Sources for Chasing/Repousse Tools

Making a Chain Tool for Chasing $15.50

Diderot's Description of a Chasing Workshop $12.00

Moving Metal Book (Chasing and Repousse) -- Steines $32.95

Marcia Lewis's book on Chasing

The Ganoksin Project Antique Books Project: a number of books (and my reviews)

Megan Corwin's Brand New book on Chasing and Repousse

The Alberta Black Rod
which I chased.

First of all lets start with pitch.

Here is the address for ordering Northwest Pitchworks pitch. I like their medium one....

Mountain Gems in BC makes their own pitch as well.

Fischer has a great black pitch and my favorite for chasing, a red pitch.

Copper Rose Hand made black pitch - medium +

Some online notes on crude pitches (blacksmithing)

SC pitch

Allcraft in New York has these two black and the red pitch I like as well.
Allcraft Tool and Supply
(800) 645-7124
fax: (800) 645-7125

Pitch Recipes on Wikipedia

A discussion about pitch, includes a Japanese recipe
The Carving Path

Here are some of my notes on chasing from the Ganoksin Project

Notes on chasing tools

Pitch bowl notes

Forming tool notes

Dapping Tool Notes

Notes on pitches

Chasing and Repousse safety notes

Chasing on air notes involving fold-forming

Brepohl notes on chasing and repousse

Great antique book on chasing
Book is here


General Chasing and Repousse Links

And for an edited selection of what's out there for quality chasing information and exemplars:

The Ganoksin Project's articles listing on Chasing and Repousse

Nancy Hamilton's great page on chasing and repousse

Arts and Crafts information on Chasing

Brian Clarke's page on his chasing

Valentin Yotkov, chasing guru extraordinaire

Rocio Heredia, another chasing guru, truly important for North America

Kirsten Skiles (Ross) -wow what a chaser-and in steel too
Kirsten's images

Great Blog on chasing

Artmetal Notes on chasing


Blacksmithing notes on chasing


Nice Chris Wilson article on Chasing tools

Davide Bigazzi on chasing

"Metal Magic", curated by Megan Corwin, 2009 show at Facére Gallery in Seattle


Page on Lois Betteridge.

Billie Lim Designs

Nepalese chasing images

Interesting discussion page on chasing and inlay with images

Fred Zweig’s blog mentioning chasing

Megan Corwin, author of chasing book, works and site

Aleksandr Sizov’s site, with examples of work-interesting flat chasing

Great article and images of chasing tools from a seller of hand made tools.

Brent Berry’s pages on chasing

Kalo groups silversmiths and their work.

Catherine Clark Gilbertson’s incredible contemporary chasing

Cindy’s Blog on chasing, lovely portrait examples.

The Metal Chasing Forum, interesting conversations and information.

Clems Friedell (chicago silver)

Page in German with a step by step chasing development

Hratch Nargizian’s site, lovely use of chasing on castings.

Sumner Silverman's work (Repoussage)

Linda C’s web site and work.

Robyn McGee’s repousse work.

Brent Berry's Work

Garri Dadyan’s chased works

Franz Meyer Museum, images of historical works. (worth digging into)

Tom Latane, steel

Jeff De Boer’s cat armor with chasing.

Norik’s Armenian chasings, really nice.


Douglas Pryor, amazing chasing in steel
Pryor images

David Huang, wonderful raising and chasing|


De Vroomen, London: check 'gold' and 'pearls' sections
NMW designs

Chasing examples

The V and A’s repoussee collections.

Powered chasing from the Engraving Forum

LaLounis museum, Greece's master, includes some chasing

Victoria Lansford's work

Maronpot work

Images of Chasing and Repousse
Image search on google

Nancy Corwin Step-by-step

Nechamkin step-by steps

Lovely tools from SC

A google search on images
Repousse Images

Chasing on Ebay
An ever changing set of examples

Fake repousse image tool


Avedis Video

A youtube video on making an arcanthus leaf

Nechankin Videos on Chasing and Repousse

Valentin Yotkov talks about chasing

Davide Bigazzi shows how he works (and teaches) repoussee.
His Flickr pictures.

Della Terra shows a glimpse of their workshops.

Chasing demo on youtube.
second stage
third stage
fourth stage
fifth stage

Naja Tools

Nancy Hamilton

David Guyton

SCS studios good series on chasing and tool making

A nice portfolio of chsing

Heather McLarty

Valentin Yotkov

A bunch of related youtube videos

Chasing by blacksmiths

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