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Brain Press publishes the results of Charles Lewton-Brain's research in the form of books CD's and videos, usually on metalworking and goldsmithing as well as workshop safety and jewelry photography. He concentrates on specialized, professional level, excellent information relating to metalsmithing and jewelry making. He is committed to making quality information available for self education and the development of our field. Lewton-Brain is the inventor of Fold-Forming, a completely new approach to working sheet metals using simple tools.

Brain Press has a collaborative web site with the Ganoksin Project. This is the largest resource on the internet for jewelers and metalsmiths. Charles was a founding partner with Dr. Hanuman Aspler in the project. A Ganoksin Project History

Check out:
Lost Books: Chasing and Repoussé CD

Foldforming Book (Brynmorgen Press)

The Jewelers Bench Book (MJSA Press)
Keum-Boo: Hot Burnished Gold

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Revised Gold Applications Page: lots of examples
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Gallery Links for Lewton-Brain's Artwork and Goldsmithing / Wall pieces from 2009 / Wall pieces from 2008/ Jay Whaley hour long interview 2010 / CraftCast Interview 09 / Hawk Interview 07 / Slide Show of Cage Series Work / "River Trip" Project Cage Series Work / PDF of Lewton-Brain's CV 2009 / Lewton-Brain Information

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Charles has over 700 pages of text and graphics on jewelry and art business subjects to download free there. Many of the articles are extracts from Brain Press publications. A number of other authors are contributing their writing to the Ganoksin Project. Jewelry scene magazines like Metalsmith and AJM, (which Charles writes for regularly), Colored Stone and other journals have articles published there. The full listing of articles is at the: Tips from the Jewelers Bench. You can use our own version of organized access to just Lewton-Brain's articles.

Charles Lewton-Brain's Articles at the Ganoksin Project
Search the Ganoksin Web Site for Jewelry information

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Gold Applications

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